Deborah's Diary

15 June 2016

Hello Koala lovers,

I am writing this in a little motel in Narrandera. Matilda and I arrived last night, and she was stabled in a lovely spot on the edge of the Murrumbidgee River where there is beautiful Koala habitat.

This morning I will be going with the local koala group to look at some wild Koalas.

10 June 2016

Hi Koala lovers,

We have reached Day 5 on the road, and Matilda is doing great. She's been meeting journalists and locals the whole way down the east coast.

As we inch closer to Canberra, I feel more determined than ever to get the Koala Protection Act.

I hope you're keeping up to date with Matilda's journey on


9 June 2016

Hi Koala lovers,
I've been having a great time with Matilda and my team on the road so far, meeting the locals and spreading the word about the Koala Protection Act. Be sure to keep up with her travels at:

8 June 2016

Hi Koala lovers,

It's day 3 on the road with Matilda and we are having a great time. 

Today we travel from Coffs Harbour to Taree.

Why not check out our Day 1 wrap up video here?

Fond regards,


7 June 2016

Hi Koala (and Donkey) lovers,

I'm having a fantastic time with Matilda on the road so far.

She is doing very well and has seen some shocking things.

I hope you're staying up to date with her Journey.

Fond regards,


3 June 2016

Hi Koala lovers,

It's 3 sleeps until D-Day (Donkey Day), and we are making final preparations to hit the road with Matilda; our very special candidate.

Be sure to stay up to date with Matilda's journey, we need your support now more than ever.

1 June 2016

Hi Koala lovers,

I've got someone very special that I'd like you to meet. 

I'm hitting the road with her on Monday June 6 to fight for a Koala Protection Act. 

Learn more at

Fond Regards,


17 May 2016

Hi Koala lovers,

9 May 2016

Hi Koala Lovers,

Take a look at my latest media interviews and read my letter to the QLD Premier in our News and Events section update today. 

I look forward to your thoughts.

Fondest regards,


18 April 2016

I am back from America all fired up ready to have our political leaders support a Koala Protection Act.